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Mark Wardle08:11:59

Hi all. Are there any issues to which I should be aware when using pathom3 with fulcro? I'm using pathom3 on my backend with a /api endpoint but have a re-frame front end - was thinking of making a switch as more sense as complexity grows managing all of the fetches and data freshness etc thank you.


for Fulcro it should make little to no difference, the interface between Pathom and Fulcro is EQL, which is unchanged between Pathom 2 and 3

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one thing is that the fulcro tooling is behind in terms of Pathom Viz, which means in Fulcro Inspect you won't be able to see tracing of the runner graph from Pathom, but you can still use both tools at the same time (Fulcro inspect + Pathom Viz)

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Mark Wardle18:11:08

That's brilliant. Thank you Wilker!


@wilkerlucio Hey we have been playing around with Pathom-Viz and have noticed that the index-explorer sometimes has problem reloading to the correct index and instead holds stale output. Unsure if its the way we hot reload or if the caching inside of Viz is doing it. I will try to get an isolated case later but wanted to call it to your attention


thanks, please report as an issue on Pathom Viz when you find something, to be honest that would be lower priority for me, since a quick reload on the app can fix that, but if you or anyone wants to work on it I'll be glad to merge a fix