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Is it possible to use uberscript with pods? The pods are loaded dynamically so I don't think so, but I might be overlooking something!


Hey! Currently the uberscript stumbles over those pod namespaces since they don't exist on disk. I have a branch of bb where this should be fixed, but it isn't released yet...


You could also consider making an uberjar, depends on what you want to do


If you want I can give you access to the fixed binary, I'm looking for testers :)


I'd be happy to test! I'm trying to use the postgresql pod for some script that is deployed inside Docker, I would like that Docker image to not contain the jre to save disk space, but I guess building an uberjar also works, so I can use the distroless base image


yeah uberjar would also work for that case. however, I would like to have this uberscript thing fixed as well. for which OS would you like to have the fixed bb?


(although probably not the distroless base image, since it would still depend on some other dependencies, still could save some other disk space)


you can look for this yourself in #babashka-circleci-builds for uberscript-in-bb


I just updated that branch so there are binaries there now


(I'm testing on MacOS Intel right now btw)


but I'll try in Docker / debian should also be fine


thanks, I'll check it out!


Can you require pods in bb.edn?


@hugod not yet, it's best to just put the load-pod in a file and use load-file or require in bb.edn


8 years ago my interest in Clojure was triggered by the "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" (SICP) course. For me, the hurdles were quite big to really focus on the main ideas in this course. The IDE's didn't have great Clojure support (yet), I didn't work with emacs (yet), the error messages 'left room for improvement', and I was pretty much hypnotised by the OO mindset. Nowadays with babashka it's soooo easy to try these ideas immediately, without any other fluff in a REPL. No setup, no conventions or configuration, no namespaces, nothing. Create a file, start a REPL and start coding along. 🤓 For me, translating the Scheme code to Clojure also helps in getting a deeper understanding of both SICP and Clojure. Big thanks to @borkdude for making the Clojure and REPL experience almost frictionless. :thumbsup::skin-tone-3:

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I agree. I've been encouraging my nephew (2nd grade) to check his math homework using bb. I think it might be a good way to learn things even for ClojureBridge. I've volunteered at a couple of them and spending Friday night installing software is not the most fun. Clojure CLI tools have made this easier but you still have to make sure the JVM is available. bb is frictionless.

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In the same manner, maybe nbb and scittle are worth checking: making nice website and document is a wonderful creative feeling :)

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