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Drew Verlee16:11:56

I take it cider enlightenment mode doesn't work for cljs?


It doesn’t.

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Drew Verlee22:11:45

Can i help get it there 🙂 . e.g is it documented why? i'm curious. It's a joy to have at times, when a function has a lot of vars mostly. I miss it especially now that my backend is written in node. Regardless, thanks again for you hard work. I need to up my contribution to the project.


IIUC, the way enlighten mode works is by adding an nrepl middleware which responds to cider eval ops by modifying the eval'd code to add instrumentation... that instrumentation, when executed, sends information back via nrepl messages specific to enlighten-mode. To support it in cljs would require achieving the same essential thing, and would have some additional complexity because the instrumentation (in cljs) needs to communicate values back to the cider client.


I also love cider-enlighten and missed it when working in cljs

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