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An Vu15:11:02

Hi everyone! I’m the co-founder of, a startup that was created to increase the knowledge output of humanity. We’re starting with a personal knowledge base built around neuroscience fundamentals and structuring ideas around hyperconnected nodes instead of siloed pages + folders. More about our mission and plan I’m looking for a Senior Clojure Frontend Engineer passionate about tools for thought or experience building complex interactive web apps to work directly with me and another designer to build the future of knowledge tooling and deliver on Englebart/Kay/Bush’s early missions to augment human intellect. Our stack is in Job description Please DM or email me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if you’re interested. The role is available remote, with a preference for EDT timezone (I’m based in Boston) An


Looks really cool! I like the tag net/universe... is that programmatically derived? (or manually tagged?) Also, can you feed current wikipedia through this to make it more navigable and fun? Maybe too early to ask, but monetization plans if any?

An Vu20:11:32

manual for now, building nlp functionality for automatic linking starting this month! Building in online and outside sources/wiki data in in the coming months. Typing and a wikipedia autosuggestion popping up is how we’re thinking about it currently. Will follow the notion/notes app playbook!


How many people are on the engineering and front-end teams so far if I may ask

An Vu22:11:17

Small team of 6!