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Hello @wilkerlucio i think we found a problem with batch processing but not sure if i am miss-understanding something on the way batch processing should work. i’ve created this gist which hopefully can help explain the behavior we are experiencing. Basically the batch results get lost if there are a few batch resolvers involved in the query.


i can confirm it works as expected now 🙂 thanks a lot!


Hey all, is there a way to disable the log messages generated by Pathom Connect? Based on this it doesn’t appear so?


I think not in general, but I'm open to change to log strategy that's more flexible


are there a lot of logs coming up that you want to get out?


It's moreso just a tad annoying that it happens whenever I reload the parser as my workflow is look at the console output and with nodes console logging the channels take up a bunch of space


I will get an example up shortly


Apologies for the delay, here is what gets logged right now


as you can see it goes on for a while so I just clear my console then execute the resolver


@U0S3YK6HK version 2021.05.13 of pathom-viz-connector now logs with Timbre, so you can configure it

🙌 3