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We have also run up against similar problems in our monorepo


we are currently using metadata and just testing a namespace at a time


but full regex support would be nice

Alys Brooks22:05:25

@kenny @royalaid Thanks for clarifying! The suggested solution right now would be to have an organizational scheme where one folder = one namespace and select or skip based on namespace.

Alys Brooks22:05:59

Oh, you can also create separate profiles with different :ns-patterns , :test-paths or :source-paths . If you have a lot of directories or namespaces or want a more on-the-fly option, that may not work either, but if you consistently want to run just a particular directory, that could work.

Alys Brooks22:05:24

Because we already support regexes in :ns-patterns and through, I think adding regex support to allow skipping tests makes sense. What would you want the regex to match against? The test name, the qualified name, something else?