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If I want to use spacemacs, but plug directly into a Clojure CLI(not nrepl), what are my options?


As I understand it, a REPL is an external process that requires a protocol to connect. This is the case when running a repl with either Leiningen or Clojure CLI tools (i.e. cider-jack-in). nrepl is by far the most common protocol and enables a rich set of features via the Cider package. Other options I am aware of are socket REPL and prepl. Socket REPL is part of the Clojure library, so included in any project that has org.clojure/clojure as a dependency. is an Emacs project that uses Socket REPL to connect to a running REPL, providing what they describe as essential features (a sub-set of features you would get with Cider & nrepl). I am assuming this would be used instead of the Clojure layer, so you would need to add as additional-packages or create/find a private Spacemacs layer for inf-clojure.

practicalli-john08:05:47 has examples of running a repl with different protocols, such as socket repl

practicalli-john08:05:45 may give some insight into using these alternative protocols for connecting to a repl.