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Kailash K15:05:27

#vim-iced connecting to repl locally works flawlessly but connecting to remote repls is almost impossible; Is there a read up or setup that I might be missing for connecting to remote repls with vim-iced. Fails with below error and after a while crashes VIM. I verified I’m able to connect to the remote repl from Conjure, Calva & Spacemacs without any issue….any pointers would be appreciated ✌️


You said you can connect with other repls, so this is probably a waste of time, but can you connect to that host/port using e.g. netcat? if it’s not that, then my guess is that you’re entering the host/port in a way that iced isn’t understanding


for example, how are you specifying the host? looks like you have to set g:iced#nrepl#host

Kailash K16:05:29

yeah I used ^ to set the host

Kailash K16:05:58

I’m able to connect with telnet fwiw


alright 🙂 I just had to do a sanity test. is it a socket repl or a prepl?


actually, connection refused is a strange one. I don’t know viml but if I were debugging this I would try to dump the host and port that iced is trying to make sure it’s correct

Kailash K17:05:11

ok, let me try tinkering with it