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Newb question: Are there cross file search capabilities which resolve namespace aliases as part of the search within CIDER (or emacs generally)?


Can you give an example of what you mean?


For example, in the context of a directory and its child directories, I would like to find all uses of namespace, including places it is aliased to f.b.


I think there’s something like m-x cider-find-usages


Maybe this is too simplistic, but what about a text search on the ns name (recursively on the dir you are interested in)? If you do this, you can at least collect all files that use the ns. Then, you’d have to look one by one what’s being used. You could algo use LSP, but AFAIK there’s the concept of find usages for vars, but not for namespaces

ericdallo16:05:07 support find references of a var or ns as well


didn’t know about ns references, noice