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Hello, I am Peter Strömberg, a husband and a father of five who loves to hack on thinks using code. Since I found Clojure some three years ago, I am picky with what jobs I consider. No Clojure? No PEZ. 😃 I created #calva and am generally obsessed with trying to remove friction for beginners in getting a Clojure REPL hooked to their files in the editor.

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Hi folks, I'm Egg. I've been a clj/s dev professionally for around six years. Currently working at Reify Health (we're looking for more clj/s devs!), trying to improve clinical trials. Nerdy about clj/s, about the deepest foundations of programming, about dev tooling. I'm also an admin here on Clojurians, so please feel free to reach out with questions or needs 🙂 👋


I also am sort of working with clinical trials. We’re threshing a bit between patient support programs and studies, I guess.


Oh, nice! Reify is mostly about improving participant recruitment, which apparently is one of the major timesucks for trials.


I’ve sort of campaigned a bit for us going that route as well. 😃

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