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Hello! I'm just getting started with Pathom. My immediate use is to create a mock remote for Fulcro so I can test data loading without actually hooking up a backend. So, this is in cljs. I'm seeing behavior I don't understand when using defresolver. When I use a function call as the outermost part of the body, I get a bunch of ::pc/not-found results. When the outermost part is a map, it "works". Even wrapping the map in an identity call causes me to get the ::pc/not-found results 😕 Here's a gist showing my explorations:


I'm sure it's something simple as I'm new to pathom and relatively inexperienced with cljs, but I'm stumped.


hello, welcome to the channel! I gave a read, I see you are using the parallel-parser with reader2, thats a bad combination, I suggest you keep with the regular parser, the parallel-parser is only good in a very specific situations, for most users its unescessary complications. if you need async, use async-parser + async-reader2 also noticed you have a typo in ::pc/output (in your code its ::pc/ouput)


Nice to have another pair of eyes on the code 🙂


Thanks for the pointers on parallel-parser. I was cribbing from examples I found in the fulcro book code:


I'm hoping to put together some simple examples of the pieces to share for those starting out.


thanks, apprecited, another page you can get some starting samples:


and the pathom 3 docs can be a nice read too, its more organized, and altough the interface is a bit different on the edges, all the concepts are transferable:


Thoughts on a beginner just starting with Pathom 3, and skipping Pathom 2?


(with Fulcro, primarily, but from what I gather, they're pretty independent: I'm mostly concerned with not finding examples to learn from as I get started)


I'm also wondering about the mock-http-server expecting a parser that returns a channel. Though, it looks like I might be able to mock a remote based on


(I guess these are better asked in #fulcro)


fwiw I am using fulcro + pathom3


Figured out my problem above while trying to recreate it - the mutation was returning idents for the subtasks when they needed to be maps... So pebcak..