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Harley Waagmeester17:01:49

i just discovered the Mr. Robot tv show, it is entertaining, i imagine there are people that would fault it at every turn, but i am easily entertained, and ohhhh look at the mentally challenged cute little puppy !

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Jeff Evans18:01:06

It's good. A lot better than most dystopian shows for sure

Harley Waagmeester19:01:23

@U0183EZCD0D thanks for the reply, good computer, sci-fi etc. is hard to find, i really liked the movie Archive, it's odd and has a super ending

Jeff Evans19:01:36

Cool, will have to look into that one. Also check out the film Primer if you haven't already


I was not convinced at all for my part. I m surprise you like it guys. May need to re check

Ben Sless22:01:45

So, I see you're using Gnome...

Harley Waagmeester19:01:34

is 13 a spooky number in europe ?

Harley Waagmeester19:01:41

it used to be 13:13, it is illusive and hides itself in the past

Harley Waagmeester19:01:11

much like recursive paradigms

Harley Waagmeester19:01:00

oooooh cool name for a programming language, "paradigm"


Is it an oo or functional paradigm ?


I think Friday 13th is considered unlucky in many countries


What would be good to handle rare 30x spikes in website traffic with a clojure back-end?


Saying 30x spike doesn't give enough information, you need to know request latencies(average or percentiles), an know what latency threshold is acceptable, and know where your bottleneck is to determine if you can just queue up extra requests


roger that will examine gracias


lol "concrete example" slide with a flesh eating worm from ... tremors? lol


the db fails first usually, so i'd look at indexes, SQL and plan some aggressive caching russian doll-style


with the right architecture (aka "shared nothing") clojure code can scale with more hardware and a load balancer


Russian doll style? o.o


yeah i was thinking load balancer... it seems like an interesting porblam


aha thank you will read up on that


I also like how with immutable data you don't have to do key expiry, because when the data changes the key changes


and one can let the cache fill and expunge old stuff itself


right on... right on... so if something is updated it sorta "percolates up" otherwise it stays cached? if i'm getting the gist


> The advantage of Russian doll caching is that if a single product is updated, all the other inner fragments can be reused when regenerating the outer fragment.


there are other similar techniques to hit the cache more often, like show everyone the same stuff and use client side js to update based on specifics - like for time, or lists "all but me"


time as in "show time in user's timezone"


Aha. Cool. Hmm... I'm wondering what "cache" looks like in clojureland...


memcache + client is the canonical way, but depending on case you may get away with plain RAM memory


redis is sometimes used instead of memcache


oh yeah, redis as the db?


I'm reading this research paper and do not understand the use of > in fMRI images ..... really off-topic to programming but maybe someone understands what that's for?


Sounds like that may affect TeamCity (only)...


yeah, its not clear what the impact is from what's released, whether its some vulnerability in the code or if the managed instances were compromised