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Really cool project you’ve started there with the 12 startups in 12 months, @andyfry01. (I was the guy cheering you on a bit towards the end of yesterdays stream. 😄 ) Not too much Clojure content yesterday, but if you do go down that path, I think you should start a channel here where we can use the opportunity to learn Clojure development together with you. I am particularly interested since it offers me ways to see how you use the tools and where you look for things and such. It was great observing that yesterday on a general level.


Hey, it was fun having you in the chat yesterday @U0ETXRFEW! I'm glad you had a fun time watching. We're in the early days of this project, so the Clojure content may be relatively minimal as I work on all the other aspects of "business building" (promotion, domain name purchasing, etc.), but as I get into building the app for real I'm sure you'll see much more Clojure coding. It'll be great to have a Calva contributor in my corner! I'm a brand new user, so any advice you guys have along the way will be much appreciated. You've got great documentation, it was an easy setup. For the rest of the channel: I'm starting a new project as of yesterday: 12 startups in 12 months, which is exactly what it sounds like. I'm going to spend 2021 building and releasing 12 web apps, all built with Clojure (and Calva!), with the hopes that one of them will catch on and make me some money. I'm live streaming the whole thing, you can check it out on my Twitch channel: . I'm streaming as we speak!

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So, someone who has never used Clojure is going to use it to spawn 12 startups in 12 months. I think it is worth a channel on this slack and that it could provide learning for a lot of us. I happen to be very interested in start-uppy things and have some experience from the field, but I lack the knowledge about the process as a whole, so find this approach of trying it 12 times in quick succession to be an awesome opportunity to fill in those gaps.


Ha, yeah, I mean it is a bold project for sure. I do have some exposure to all of the underlying ideas of lisp via the Ramda javascript library: And I've also been a big fan of Eric Normand's newsletter and podcasts: So I've got a little bit of an idea from having used Ramda and listened to a ton of Eric Normand stuff, but yeah, not much hands on experience with Clojure to speak of! I'll make a channel and post the link 🙂


#startup-in-a-month 👍


Awesome! Is there inspiration from Pieter Levels here? (just going by the name/goal). Will be awesome to see this done with Clojure. Probably really valuable knowledge can be gained on what challenges you may face as a beginner to Clojure.


There is indeed a lot of Pieter Levels influence in the project!

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when launching vscode after the lsp work is done, if i hover on a function i see an empty box -- what could be my misconfiguration for that? with the same setup it works for my teammates :thinking_face: 🙏


Are you on Windows?


Also, using lein or clj?


If on Windows, it's likely (or maybe always) necessary to modify the :classpath-cmd for the project in the .lsp/config.edn. For a Windows clj project I have (image bc screenshotted from a VM).


I believe for lein you may need to change the cmd to ["lein.bat" ...]


This is something I noticed recently when I fixed a separate issue with lsp+Windows but I forgot about the config change requirement :man-facepalming: . I actually just was reminded this morning before your message and made a note to document it or figure out a no-config-change solution


hi - i'm on mac os, in a shadow-cljs project


(my teammate is also on mac)


And your teammate's works? And they don't have anything in their .lsp/config.edn?


no because we both tried from a clean install and we don't have a file under .lsp at the moment


Ah so neither works, ok. Would you mind creating a GH issue please?


it works for him i meant


that's why i think there's something wrong on my side --- we have the same version of Calva and Kondo


Oh, lol. Well that's really weird. An issue would be good, with details about each of your setups (the one that works and that doesn't). Calva version, VS Code version, and MacOS version would all be good details.


ok i'll do that - thanks!


just noticed this -- is this normal?


Please create an issue for that too 😄 . That looks like an easy fix.


Workaround: try making sure your active editor is a code file


I just realized something while working on something related. clojure-lsp tries to get your classpath info using the shadow-cljs command. If you don't have this installed it won't work.


Can you run shadow-cljs classpath in a terminal?


Also you can check /tmp/clojure-lsp.out for errors/warnings. In my case I saw Error while looking up classpath info and Cannot run program "shadow-cljs"


sorry i just read this -- let me check!


running shadow-cljs classpath i get Invalid action "classpath"


in the tmp file i see a WARN

WARN  clojure-lsp.main: #object[org.eclipse.lsp4j.DidChangeConfigurationParams 0x2d46cda0 DidChangeConfigurationParams [
  settings = {"clojure-lsp":{}}


hum if i do npx shadow-cljs classpath it works!


running npm i -g shadow-cljs at the moment 🤞


now i get the classpath... clearning the cache and lauching vscode again...


ohy yyyyeahhh --- so this was the global version of shadow!! thanks :))


Awesome! You're welcome. @UKFSJSM38 Just made a change to clojure-lsp to send an error message to the client when the classpath lookup fails, so you'll be notified via error notification in vs code when this happens once we update clojure-lsp in Calva (will do that soon).

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