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Released Datalevin 0.3.15, a simple, fast and durable Datalog database. This release introduced significant write speed improvement by using writable memory map and asynchronous writes. Writes can be two orders of magnitude faster for small transactions.

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does this make it faster than DataScript for writes now?


Also good job on the steady release schedule!


It is now only slightly slower than Datascript for write transactions, as expected, for Datalevin writes to disk whereas Datascript is in memory.


2s vs 0.5s


Not too shabby! My comment was probably meant a little tongue-in-cheek. You seem very intent on getting good performance out of your various OSS projects. It’s very commendable.


Thanks. Performance does matter for a lot of use cases, especially when dealing with data. What’s that saying? Database people care about three things: performance, performance, and performance. 🙂

Chris McCormick09:01:01

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know about this procedural MIDI melody generator I built with ClojureScript and am releasing today. Enjoy!

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We (@jeroenvandijk@rahul080327@valtteri and myself) are happy to announce the babashka aws pod! Access AWS directly from babashka scripts with virtually no startup time, accessing all the services that the Cognitect aws-api lib provides access to.

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Ben Sless13:01:08

One step closer to Clojure everywhere. Next stop - devops!

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@UK0810AQ2 btw we already have Ansible substitute


Yeah waiting for a spire pod so I can create a packer replacement 😅

Ben Sless17:01:47

@UDQ2UEPMY I even had it starred! I remember spire since it had a disclaimer back in the day, haven't been keeping track. I'm just happy devops can now use babashka to whip up quick scripts, not just use a buy-in framework

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)18:01:54

Whaaat? Is it Christmas already again?

Ben Sless18:01:23

It is Dec. 37th 2020

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:01:49 is now available. Changes from rc1: • proxy should emit Java 1.8 bytecode • Bump spec.alpha dep to 0.2.194 and core.specs.alpha dep to 0.2.56 Please report any issues (or success!) either in thread here or in #clojure - thanks!

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Just bumped our dev env to RC 2. Will let you know if anything weird happens.