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@aaronsama If you can run a REPL on the command line then you can always run cider-connect rather than cider-jack-in . Using connect makes the REPL process more robust as its not going to be killed if there is an issue with the editor. This is especially useful when you get used to having longer running REPL sessions.


If you are using all-the-icons or doom modeline theme, then you should see a nicer solid Clojure logo in the mode-line rather than the original outline icon used. My pull request was just merged, so updating all-the-icons, SPC SPC all-the-icons-install-fonts , should give you the solid version of the icon (which matches with the emacs, html and other language logos in the modeline)


I do recommend the doom modeline theme, its very simple and elegant. I found it easier to customise the doom modeline theme than the spacemacs mode line theme. My modeline customisation can be seen in recent videos, e.g. the video on The configuration is in the layer variables And custom components on the modeline are defined in dotspacemacs/user-config

Aaron Cooley13:01:16

Thank you for your detailed response. Looks like there is a wealth of information on your github page, so I'll spend some time playing around with that.

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