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Hi! I've probably missed something in the documentation but I can't figure this out. Any help is appreciated! Suppose I have two resolvers as in:

; resolver 1
::pc/input #{:x/id}
::pc/output [:x/name {:x/y [:y/id]}]

; resolver 2
::pc/input #{:y/id}
::pc/output [:y/name]
How can I write a resolver that, given :x/id, can calculate some function based on :x/name and :y/name? I've tried the following:
::pc/input #{:x/id :x/name :y/name} ; always returns not-found
::pc/input #{:x/id :x/name :x/y} ; won't have :y/name
::pc/input #{:x/id :x/name {:x/y [:y/name]}} ; won't work