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Anyone used VSpaceCode with Calva? VSpaceCode is a configuration on top of VSCodeVim extension providing Spacemacs extensions (so I could do , e f to evaluate a function under the cursor. I assume as long as Calva works okay with that extension then all should be good. I will give it a try in the next few days. I am assuming I may need to add some Calva specific keybinding config.


I’ve used it lightly. I really enjoy the Spacemacs keybindings. The lack of an equivalent to which-key in VS Code keeps bringing me back to Spacemacs…the reason it doesn’t exist is due to limitations in the VS Code API (there’s an open GH issue w/o much happening on it).


An issue that will disturb any VIM-ish bindings is that the Calva REPL window is not going to adhere. Not sure what is entailed with fixing that, but I think it could be quite some work.


I appreciate there would still be some interaction done outside of the Spacemacs keys, but if I could get all the most common actions covered (like evaluating clojure, starting a repl, running tests) I could delude myself that it wasnt Spacemacs proper 🙂 Will let you know how I get on next week.

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