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Igor Lobanov17:01:21

Hi all, happy new year! I'm getting some weird behaviour when using REPL in cursive, both local and remote. I cannot see any characters echoed as they are typed into the REPL pane. They still get sent across as I can blindly type (+ 1 2) and get 3 back. This may be more to do with IDEA than Cursive, but I'm not sure where to start. I'm on Win10, IDEA Community 2019.3 and Cursive 1.9.0-2019.3 individual license. Any ideas?

Igor Lobanov17:01:45

CLJ's own repl works just fine, but I need one with my classpath...


Hi Igor, happy new year to you too! That sounds very odd. Can you actually see the REPL input pane? There’s a thing which happens sometimes which is that the REPL input pane gets collapsed so much that it’s basically invisible. If that’s the case, hunt around a bit on the bottom of the output pane, and you’ll find a little handle there you can use to drag the input pane open.


This seems to happen more in dark mode, for some reason.