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Akshay C. Gollapalli01:01:29

Hi I haven't found a recommended way to do dynamic routing with reitit-ring and I can't seem to get my various hacky ways to work. Has anyone in here done this? And, if so, can you offer advice on how you did so? Thanks!

Akshay C. Gollapalli10:01:04

I tried something similar to the example given for the nested routers, however, it appears that reitit.ring/router doesn't like that as much as reitit.core/router.

Akshay C. Gollapalli10:01:17

I was trying it with the luminus template and trying to swap in some routes generated after runtime. It's been a few hours and I tried a bunch of different things, including trying to turn the main router into an atom, trying to turn the handler function itself into an atom, and realizing that probably won't work because the server has already dereferenced those atoms when it started the webserver. I might have to try something similar to the fully dynamic solution, but with the root router, but I still don't understand what reify means, and it looks like they're generating a new keyword for a route, rather than adding routes after starting the app.

Akshay C. Gollapalli10:01:44

Incidentally, the question I'm asking is in the todo list of that link

Akshay C. Gollapalli10:01:16

...alternatively I could just do this without reitit-ring