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Hi, a good new year. I would like to know the state of Clojure in Sweden, thinking about moving there. I guess from the title there is a specific Slack for Stockholm, it is active?


There's King gaming and a few others around malmo using clojure (myself included)


The Stockholm Slack is pretty dead.


I'm somewhat surprised that Clojure is as small in Sweden as it is. In the UK (where I live), it seems to me Swedes are over represented in the Clojure community. I suppose that could just be because Clojure is gaining quite a lot of traction in the financial sector where Swedes are two a penny.

Marcus Pemer18:01:02

Two a penny huh? I feel cheap now.


Lots of things to take into consideration for moving. Clojure community in the Netherlands is not big, but we do have a meetup every month.