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I remember talking to devs who were bullish, talking about people deploying it in prod. The README boasts users. I see commits, but I want to know whether you’d sponsor a production deploy given the current commitment from original writers and maintainers. That’s not a jab at anyone, just genuinely curious about the fate of the project.


I would say it works, but there are a lot of pitfalls


onyx is pretty much in maintenance mode at the moment -- i know of quite a few people that use it in production


but for new projects, it's probably worth seriously looking into alternatives

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an example of an alternative

Drew Verlee17:07:56

Which is a shame in someways because the onyx programming model still seems a step above the rest. Though i haven't looked at the landscape in a while. It's not too much of a shame though, as the original authors are both in good positions to steer the future of streaming. It seems wrong to mention competitive product on the channel, but kafka streaming has a lot of good people working on it. oh yea, its already been mentioned.


I’m all for people having an open discussion about these things so I don’t think it’s “wrong” to mention other solutions.


most orgs that have bought into Onyx in the past will continue to use it for some time to come, and I’ll do my best making sure that the project is maintained and bugs will be fixed. but I’m not anticipating any big new features being added, unless we get some miracle sponsor of some sorts. ;)

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Is it worth doing any sort of outreach to the various community sponsorship organizations, e.g. Clojurists Together?


That could help, but it would still mean there needs to be a kind of plan what's to be developed, and the person who should do it. For me, while I'm fine doing the day-to-day merging of PRs and support and the occasional patch, it's not realistic for me be able to get enough free time to commit to something like this.


I'll continue to raise the idea here and there, but in the meantime thanks a lot for stepping up to help out as much as you have and as you're able! It's appreciated.


yeah, i kind of got the sense it was maintenance mode, but i agree it it's a really really slick model


I'd probably want to wire things up with kinesis. We're a small team and I don't really want the ops overhead of managing kafka and zk


Currently we are using confluent cloud which is pretty nice with kstreams and jackdaw


i'm locked into AWS


You can use confluent cloud on aws


i... was not aware of that 🙂


Unless I am miss understanding what you mean


What made you choose Kafka over Kinesis in AWS?


it's been awhile since i've danced with kafka. i didn't have a fun time in the 0.9.4??? days


I am personally not using aws but I have used Kafka for a long time now across clouds and onprem


@camechis no you got it, i was totally unfamiliar with confluent cloud. i assumed it a completely separate cloud platform, not a service type thing i could run on any old provider