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@mlowe what @seancorfield says - you should be providing at least - a high level description of the role - a description of the company and sector they’re in - what tech the team uses - salary - holiday entitlement (certainly in europe, not sure if that’s the same in the US)


i don't know if they can provide that upfront, since it seemed to me it wasn't related to a particular position, but rather just to "network" i.e. building a candidate pool

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well then they’re v unlikely to get many hits given how specific clojure is


It’s a clojure job with details in the link if you’re interested


Hi everyone, thanks for your responses. Yes I am more trying to network and "build a candidate pool" of individuals who are interested in data science jobs around Southern California. The firm I work for specializes in these types of roles and we are always looking to reach out to new candidates to fill these positions. Salary and other important details are specific to individual roles and a conversation with a recruiter needs to occur before those specifics can be given. Please feel free to send me a resume at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> and I will have a recruiter follow-up with you to make sure we only contact you about jobs that fit your location, interests, pay rate, etc.


Hello. Just to be clear, our openings are clear and specific (

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hi @U053X563Q thanks a lot for the link!!! just a quick question please: would you consider a candidate who's currently looking to transition into clojure full time but who has a few clojure opensouce contributions and a few years of backend development experience ?


As long as you’re willing to deep dive in the wonderful world of Clojure(script) 🙂


cool thing 😉 thanks a lot


I will check that out


well diving in is obviously the goal here for me 🙂

Dmitry K15:07:46

Would they be contract or perm?


At the moment we prefer perm