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@pez It doesn't work neither in editor nor in REPL. I haven't noticed that because I usually rely on spliceSexpKill[Forward|Backward]. spliceKill work in editor but not in REPL. Also in editor I have simple Del/Backspace but in REPL they just don't work on parens.


Also extra ) totally undeletable. Type it accidentally and you have to re-type the whole statement.


Played around a bit and found that spliceSexp in REPL actually bound to Alt+S. Can't find where that shortcut came from.


Alt+backspace and alt+delete force deletes backward and forward, respectively.


At least they are intended to do that. Seems something in your setup prevents it. I wonder what it could be...


Is it possible just to turn paredit off (everywhere)?


I'd rather not.


I just mean as an option. For me, paredit is always just something to have to figure out how to work around, and to make excuses for to students. One can work around it, and it's not nearly as problematic as parinfer, but it would be really sweet to just make it go away

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I know this is probably not a popular view, but maybe I can explain a bit more why it makes sense. I see an expression and I want to change it to be another expression, and I know how to type, and I just want to use the typing skills I use everywhere else, and which are pretty much automatic, to change the one expression to the other, typing characters (including ")" etc) and backspaces. Anything that interferes with this is unwanted "help" that I actually have to undo, unless I first unlearn my existing skills and develop new ones, which I'd rather not do and I certainly don't want to make my students do when I'm already making them lean new things about programming, Clojure, etc. Again, we can live with this, but it'd be nicer not to have to fight against unwanted "helpfulness" if it's possible just to turn it off. FWIW I find bracket matching and auto-indentation to be truly helpful indeed, and in fact essential. And rainbow parentheses and popup arglists/docs are also truly helpful. But automatic typing of non-space characters where I may not want them and have to delete them is "help" I'd rather do without.


If it's the matching brackets you don't want to get help with, that is not paredit doing it. It is vscode, and it is configurable.

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Trying to make it work on Windows 10 : ) When jacking in Calva attempt to open cmd shell. But all my environment is configured for WSL (Ubuntu). Setting WSL as default shell doesn't help. Is there a way to set Calva /VSC to use WSL ? > Executing task: 'C:\Program Files\nodejs\\npx.cmd' shadow-cljs -d cider/cider-nrepl:0.21.1 watch :app <


There is some info on wsl setups on the wiki. Checked that?


no : )) Did not know such setting is existed. great, will give it a go


Excited to hear that there may already be a way to turn off the auto-typing of matching brackets (and thanks for letting me know that it's not paredit doing this), but searching in settings for "bracket" I find "Editor: Auto Closing Brackets" which looks like exactly the right thing ("Controls whether the editor should automatically close brackets after the user adds an opening bracket"), but when I set it to "never" and switch back to an editor window and type "(" then it still automatically adds ")". Am I changing the wrong thing?