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How well does Python play with Kafka as opposed to Clojure? Kafka seems like the right fit to solve a problem at work, and most of our people use python.


JVM langs have a superior kafka integration. the C wrappers are bound to have issues, those projects having a much more acute bus factor


In python you don't have a repl and interactive environment


If you shoiud motivate your team I would emphasize on this. A part also that the risk is that in python people endup to overload and create objects for nothing


Also for code Quality I would pickup clojure, Kafka should have both libs.


Most of the time, I would argue people pickup python for just do the most hack in quick way as possible. So in long-term imho you have poor quality over speed etc. Imho is not really a tech question but rather a company culture etc

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From experience, writing python code is extremely difficult. You have basically no constraints on the language. Writing clojure code with quality is less difficult because of the constraints


I guess it depends on what you will do with the data more than anything. python/clojure both have good (and probably similarly performant) clients to interact with kafka otherwise. python vs clojure (at large) is another debate

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I find that because python is so flexible, writing it within the bounds of a set of (perhaps implicitly-defined) idioms, and doing so with discipline, is almost a similar experience to trying to speak eloquently in english. When I do a good job-- my code runs well and I've got a really consistent sort of colloquialism-- I'm always pretty proud of my work.

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Yep agree. Although honestly I don't see any advantage with accessing data with python


I mean comparing the clojure way with destructoring etc. In python for read a file you wanna create some objects and do a parser


Then you have other objects, I mean to mee all this objects Tangled everywhere for just data is more a cognitive load


thx for sharing