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@jahson @valtteri Very interesting — on 2015 MBP, it loads in 19.2 seconds. 3x faster. And surprisingly, given the Networking stats in Chrome, I think it’s because it’s using 4x more threads to load pages — which means it’s the Chrome client, not the Ring server, as I had originally thought! Thanks for the help!

Braden Shepherdson14:07:11

note that Chrome will only load a certain number of requests at once. so if you have several hundred files (and don't forget that many of them have source maps to fetch too, which don't appear in the Network tab (argh!) but ~double the number of requests)

Braden Shepherdson14:07:25

this is a painful thing at my work, where in dev mode we need to load several thousand files T_T

Braden Shepherdson14:07:51

"a certain number" is a dozen ish at once, but it varies by platform.