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Could the REPLs listed in the Run Configurations be sorted by name? I could see this list becoming hard to navigate as more get added in.


I’m not sure about this, that’s an IntelliJ thing - I’ll check.


Hey Kenny, I am not sure if this is going to help. If you go to edit configurations and look at your Clojure REPLs to the left, you can drag them up and down sorting it manually which should change the order in the drop down.

Kari Marttila19:07:28

Can someone recommend some light color scheme for IntelliJ which provides good highlighting for Clojure (and Java and Python). I tried Solarized Light ( but I found the background pretty awkward.

Kari Marttila19:07:37

I found "IntelliJ Light Theme" plugin. It seems to be pretty much what I was looking for.


(did enhance it to also highlight keywords)

Kari Marttila20:07:17

Thanks, I'll try it tomorrow.

Kari Marttila20:07:54

I was also trying various fonts. Droid Sans Mono looked best to my eyes.


@U76D9RZRR Yes, I was going to add a link to that - it will be the new default from 2019.3. I actually haven’t tried it with Cursive yet.

Kari Marttila10:07:04

I tried the alabaster theme as well. But I must say that I like the new IntelliJ Light Theme more - syntax highlighting is great. And I like the Droid Sans Mono font. I downloaded IntelliJ Light Theme to my PyCharm and GoLand IDEs as well - nice to have the same look and feel in all of my IDEs. I think my eyes are getting a bit old, I had to change the font from 12 to 14 (at least when I'm coding now in summer in my terrace with only the laptop screen - let's see if I'm able to use 12 font in my main screen in my study room later).

Kari Marttila10:07:40

BTW. I wonder why so many younger developers use these dark themes with IDEs - there are a lot of studies which say that black letters in white background is better for the eyes than vice verse.


Yeah, borealis is nice. I also prefer light themes, though.