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Hmm, good question. I think we’ll leave it there and will at least redirect to the new page if we do move it


@michaeldrogalis: is doing a revamp of the website atm, so it’s possible he’s already moved it


In that case I’ll do a redirect anyway, since there are a few links to it already


just a small experience report which i hope will help some other Onyx users out:


Thanks @robert-stuttaford, I posted it to news.yc if anyone feels like upvoting it


Should be a really interesting read for new users


oh wow, thank you


@robert-stuttaford: Thanks for writing this. We really appreciate you sharing your experience - it'll go a long way. simple_smile


@robert-stuttaford: great article and thank you for sharing this!!! Reminds me (again) to install and run Onyx


Ah cool, you already posted it to #datomic


@robert-stuttaford: Have you had any problems with Onyx under stress, for example a partitioned network? Has it always recovered from failure correctly etc, has it caused data loss by breaking at-least-once delivery? I am very interested in Onyx, but am concerned about how battle tested it is at this point.


@danstone: We have a Jepsen test suite and found several instances of peers getting knocked offline and not coming back. The fixes are ready to ship in the next few days. To the best of our knowledge, we haven't found any instances of data loss. The mechanics that ensure at-least-once-delivery are pretty straightforward and not particularly vulnerable to things like network partitioning. It's more vulnerable to replaying more often than needed, if that makes sense.


That sounds great, I agree whole heartedly with many of the design decisions taken by Onyx, and hope to work with it soon!


@danstone: Cool, let me know if you have any questions - happy to help.