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Ben Kamphaus00:01:29

@kschrader: looking into it, looks like possibly AWS related ( 😞 3:13 PM PST We are investigating connectivity issues for some instances in the US-EAST-1 Region. 3:33 PM PST We can confirm connectivity issues when using public IP addresses for some instances within the EC2-Classic network in the US-EAST-1 Region. Connectivity between instances when using private IP addresses is not affected. We continue to work on resolution.


@bkamphaus: in case you're not continually refreshing, they updated the status with a workaround 10 minutes ago:


> 4:00 PM PST We continue to work on resolving the connectivity issues when using public IP addresses for some instances within the EC2-Classic network in the US-EAST-1 Region. For instances with an associated Elastic IP address (EIP), we have confirmed that re-associating the EIP address will restore connectivity. For instances using EC2 provided public IP addresses, associating a new EIP address will restore connectivity.


excellent, thanks


timing out here… I'll give it a bit

Ben Kamphaus00:01:12

was back up, and timing out now again


I'm trying to think of a portmanteau of "devops" and "sympathize", but nothing is quite working

Ben Kamphaus01:01:50

@bhagany: @kschrader looks like it’s genuinely back up, I’ll keep checking in on it for a bit.


confirmed successful download here


Are the ordering of query results deterministic? They seem to be from my brief testing. I am asking because I want a transactor function to compare the result of a peer query with the result of that same query inside a transaction.


Hi there! Managed to get Datomic Pro running on AWS ECS, in a way that enables me to connect to it from the EC2 host itself (still need to test the connectivity from another container though).


Compiled a small container to show the proof of concept (without the actual Datomic files):


Can I put function into rules? I got error when I did test. If can, How to?


just a small experience report, in which i use some awesome features of Datomic along with Onyx: super happy to answer any questions!


sharing is caring 💌


Has anyone run into a query working with with but erroring with transact? I'm getting an IndexOutOfBoundsException from processing rule when using transact on a dev db. I think it has something to do with serialization, which is evidently my new nemesis. 😉


@domkm: I've never seen that, but I would suggest looking at the transaction data closely, especially the types of all the data structures.


@stuartsierra: Will do. I think it has something to do with a query map being deserialized in the transactor in an odd way. It would be really great if with tx-data went through the same serialization/deserialization pipeline as transact tx-data.


A rough approximation is (read-string (pr-str data)). The real implementation is


@stuartsierra: I'm stumped. I've replaced the tx fn with a static implementation. It creates the tx data inside the tx fn so there's no serialization/deserialization. However, it still errors when transacted into dev but not when "transacted" with with.


I got nothing, sorry.


Okay 😞


I finally figured out what causes the rules above to throw the error above when transacted into a dev transactor but not a mem transactor. Renaming the rule from type to something that doesn't shadow clojure.core causes it to work in both cases. How does one submit a bug report? Also, is there a list of known, but not yet fixed, bugs (like JIRA)?

Ben Kamphaus22:01:09

@domkm: there’s not a public facing bug report list at present, but you can send bug reports to <mailto:sup[email protected]|[email protected]> or post them on group:!forum/datomic