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@pyb: do you mean, who at FW or which company?


@pyb: you'd have to ask FW for details of their client. Sometimes that is something companies are reticent to release. This can be for good reason (trying to do something stealthy without competitors knowing) and sometimes not (bad reputation to work for). Usually it's the first reason but someone at FW will be able to give you more details.


@pyb: Contact Chris Curtis at FW, he sent me a couple of e-mails over the last few months


@pyb: Companies included: uSwitch, MixRadio, Skybet


Yes I mean which company... more precisely which group at a financial institution


I have a sort of no-recruiter policy these days.


@pyb your not going to be able to find out unless you find the job on the companies website via a google search as (obviously) no recruiter is going to tell you until you talk to them.


I don't like recruiters in general, but FW seem like nice folks to me. Maybe I'm biased, because I like almost everything that says FP 😛


Some are better than others. I like RecWorks as they have a very easy going approach and Barry (Founder) co-founded the LJC...from which came the London Clojurians