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@bhauman: thanks. I figured you would use leiningen.core. I was just trying to reduce the amount of duplicate config when using Cursive. I'll probably just rework my project files a bit down the line when I get a chance and live with some duplication for now. The reason I was more concerned is I have a lot of different web entry points that share quite a bit of code. I might just rework things into some smaller projects and install some stuff in my local repo, but been trying to avoid that while I still have a lot of architecture churn. Anyway, thanks, I appreciate the sanity check


other things is I just used some other repls so part of it is probably laziness with my cljsbuild since I switched to using figwheel more


Hi, I’m having some weird issues with 0.5* figwheel; anyone else?

Could not locate cljs/analyzer__init.class or cljs/analyzer.clj on classpath: , compiling:(figwheel_sidecar/utils.clj:1:1)
. I’ve cleaned out my .lein/profiles.clj. I am able to connect within a Clojure REPL, but running lein figwheel fails with the above error. Any ideas?


anyone? ^


@davidhumphreys: I had this. I was using leiningen and had to upgrade to 2.5.3+


Thanks, that seems to fix it.


W00t! Usually my advice is completely wrong! 😄


hey guys I’m in a bit of a bind. I have used lein profiles to separate my cljsbuilds. This way not all builds are started executed when I lein uberjar, only the ones in a specific profile that I explicitly merge in the uberjar profile. However it now seems that figwheels can’t see any of my :cljsbuild config. Any idea why ?


@jeremys: I use the same technique and figwheel works as expected, it sees cljsbuild settings from selected profile only


but figwheel config must be defined on root level I believe


if I recall correctly, that is a documented shortcoming that figwheel cannot read its own config from profiles, because it parses project.clj on its own (without implementing the logic for handling profiles)


ok thanks then I’ll try wrinting a figwheel.edn file that I could merge in the project.clj


hm, I’m looking at my project.clj here[1], and one point worth noting is that I don’t rely on any figwheel settings in cljsbuild map, I init client-side figwheel in my code, see src/figwheel, that is maybe why I have effectively dodged this issue [1]


I’ll take a look thanks!


ah, no, forget my last post, this uses :figwheel true with profiles and works for me:


tell me if I am wrong but it seems that you use figwheel as a lein plugin. Is it possible that the plugin uses a project map that leiningen gives it ? (in wich case everything is merged and project.clj is never read by figwheel itself)


I must precise I’m trying to use figwheel with figwheel-sidecar only from nrepl


yes, I use figwheel’s lein plugin there, I’m not familiar using it directly without lein


I’ll try with the plugin and see how it behaves


well the plugin works fine


Thanks for the help