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@jcromartie: @snowell: I have a feeling I’ve asked this before, but could you check after seeing this error if it appears in your log? From what I can tell, it should do. Help-&gt;Show log in Finder/Explorer


@hugesandwich: I’ll check with bhauman what the best plan is here.


@cfleming talked to bhauman, I guess his reasoning was write code if you must using leiningen.core, otherwise just use a figwheel specific config and deal with it


thanks and if anyone including yourself has a better ClojureScript workflow that integrates well with the Cursive repl, let me know. For now, I'm just using a repl.clj and sticking my config under the main :figwheel key. Alternatively, I could create a figwheel.edn or inject something into (start-figwheel!). Don't have the time to invest in mucking around with lein to do manual profile mergin with leiningen.core. I think it's either that or remote nrepl from my understanding if you want to use cursive + figwheel without copying some configuration in more complicated scenarios.


@cfleming: Sadly, nothing appears in the log. Not even so much as a line saying that REPL was trying to start up 😕


thanks @cfleming I'll check the logs next time


right now I'm using "lein repl :headless" and connecting with a remote REPL run config


@hugesandwich: I have got figwheel kind of working but I had to tweak the stuff in that web page a good deal


I had to reach into figwheel's internals, and I'm not sure if this still works, but...


...but basically I did the profile merging on my own and then passed it into figwheel's api


Kind of annoying to set up the first time, but once it's there I don't really have to mess with it much


@hugesandwich: @timgilbert Hey guys, I was experimenting with the same issues (figwheel-sidecar from nrepl that doesn’t merges profiles). My solution was to use a figwheel.edn file that I slurp in project.clj


it’s working for me even if it feels a bit too hacky...


Hmm, yeah, looks like we've both got pretty much the same solution with different implementations, basically maintaining a profile-merged version of the build list


Each is kind of awful and hacky in its own special way. 😉


lol I guess so


Your way isn't dependent on the figwheel internals, but my way doesn't put transactional code in project.clj


In my case I can just start-figwheel!


I've been meaning to investigate boot for my cljs project anyhow, it seems like kind of a better fit for how my builds work


it might I need leiningen to more easily deploy on heroku and I need lein profiles so that uberjar doesn’t build every cljsbuild config I have


by the way I just realized, don’t try my stuff, it doesn’t work when using lein doo