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having tried to get into cljs for about 1 year now, trying lots of different frameworks/libraries/plain'ol'cljs


re-frame is the first one that has really stuck


thank you @mikethompson (& contributors!)


I have a branch called om->re-frame now


I’ve been looking into lately, frankly because it solves some quite complex problems in a very straightforward manner where re-frame does not have an equivalent. Are any of you looking into solving those problems that tackles currently?


I’ve only sketched out a few ideas for an API, but I haven’t gone into any «nitty gritty» details. But I would like to join forces, if anyone else is doing work in this area.


I think re-frame and are trying to solve different problems. However, I'm not familiar with any roadmap re-frame might have


would like to know this myself


@hugobessaa: How is that? Their both about moving data onto a user display with the shortest possible path and in a scalable manner


@hkjels: have you seen any straightforward expositions of the problems that solves ? i am still unsure, but then i haven't really paid full attention


it would be quite different from re-frame as of today though, so it should possibly be another project that uses reagent


@mccraigmccraig: I’ll dig up a link simple_smile


Straightforward was not the correct word to use as it’s still complex, but the benefits I would say are huge


I find Re-frame a lot easier to reason about and I think it should be possible to have similar features in a more functional API, but I’m not entirely sure yet


@meow: you would like to know if anyone is doing work on «``»?


OK, I’m going to put together a repository up on Github where we can collaborate and flush out our ideas. For starters, just in pseudocode I guess to get an overall idea of how the API should be and how this fits in with the current architecture of Re-frame. Does that sound reasonable?


Oh, that's interesting. I'll certainly be watching that since it's kind of relevant to my interests - I'm doing a kind-of synchronisation with backend for my thesis. Not sure if anything concrete will come out of that, but similar efforts are bound to be interesting to look at.


Your doing this with Re-frame?


Right now with nothing. This is inspired by something similar, but more crude I did a year ago, which in turn had architecture that was informed by re-frame (though also not re-frame itself), but I'm focused on just the synchronisation for the scope of the engineering thesis project. I do have simple event handlers and reactive queries you can subscribe to, but nothing similar to full re-frame (or re-frame itself) ATM.




I think there was some discussion a while ago about presentations on re-frame


there is going to be one at the clojure remote conference FYI