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@doglooksgood with leiningen you can quit easily use different profiles, which you can configure to use different sources. You could (also) have different main namespaces for different profiles.


> Transition the application state. transact! takes two arguments.... The second argument is a query expression.... The query expression should contain any additional keys which should be re-read following the mutations (e.g. :todos/list). The additional keys are triggering a remote read, which is not at all what I want.


I only want a (= nil target), how can I prevent a remote read from additional keys in transact!?


The whole of the tx (e.g. [(do/this!) :read/that]) will be parsed in both local and remote modes. It's then up to the parser to determine which parts, if any, should be sent to remotes.


I believe the thinking here is that your transaction may result in a remote mutation, and the client therefore may need 'new data' for affected reads.


I suppose, but in my opinion it should be configurable from the transact! itself. Like maybe a [:read/that :some :remotes] if remotes are desired, otherwise by default only local reads.


Thank you very much for the confirmation and your replies.


Maybe I'll open an issue on github for this, what do you think?


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