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@amarjeet you cut it off I think


It only shows about 5 lines


@mikerod I can see a larger snippet after I expand it in my OS X Slack client. @amarjeet I’d have to see lines creating sessions and inserting facts to fully understand what you’re doing, but it sounds like you may believe that a fact {:some :value} will match a condition like [{:some :value}]. This is not the case; Clara uses the fact type, not the fact itself, to match on conditions. So for example {:some :value} would match [java.util.Map] by default, though you can customize the function used for this dispatch. This is documented at; I can’t hit the site right now but the page’s markdown source is


@wparker I can see it on the side bar (same client as you), not sure why it won’t expand otherwise. Anyways, irrelevant than woops.