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yes. That's the "not feeling right" way to do it. It is kind of "pollution" in codebase. 1) ns pollution, create a ns that's not having clear feature or even code. 2) developers cannot ensure that's a constant or a transformation.


@weavejester Would duct prefer feature based project layout, or the current layout is the suggested layout for projects?


@albert.lai / @weavejester: I’ve certainly found partitioning a codebase vertically over partitioning it horizontally is a much better way to do it; and it’s frustrating how most templates choose a horizontal layout to start with… It’s something I always find myself changing.


I actually spoke to Russell about how we’d found the same thing after his talk


@albert.lai I don’t think Duct has a real preference either way.


How you partition repositories isn’t something Duct really cares about.