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another interesting option is it also has server client architecture and uses plotly.js (which is quite awesome).


This looks pretty great, if a bit immature.


what’s the difference between vega and vega-lite?


Vega-lite is a more terse and semi-automated version of vega, easier for writing by hand, while vega is more general and flexible but more verbose and ultimately better as a "compile-to" target. I believe vega-lite itself just compiles down to vega, so to some extent it should be possible to mix and match as needed.


@metasoarous great, thanks for the explanation, I’ll give both a try to get a better feel


If you were to work on a pdf extraction and classification project in Clojure, what tools would you reach for?


vega lite is an 'interactive grammar for graphics' specifically targeted to data exploration and statistical analysis. As such it targets a subset of vega's capabilities but for the domain it targets it is much higher level. It compiles to vega (which in turn targets D3, which is even lower level)


@jsa-aerial thanks, that makes sense, I’ll watch he video too