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Bryce Tichit11:10:45

Hey guys, any recommendation of the best 2021 laptop for programming? Looking for something not cheap and performing but still lightweight. I'm using Archlinux but still considering MacBook M1 because the hardware looks so impressive. Any toughts? Thanks a lot !


I don't have a recommendation per se, but I would buy the framework laptop because of the upgradeability alone!

Ben Sless11:10:53

If you can easily afford a macbook I'd consider a system76

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Bryce Tichit14:10:13

Framework is very interesting thanks ! And system76 is dope, only thing is that I have $120 of delivery and is therefore more expensive than macbook. Will decide system76 or macbook by end of the year thanks :)

Ben Sless14:10:32

Channeling my inner fortune-teller, I guess there will be some sale around cyber monday

Asko Nōmm14:10:57

The main thing holding me back from getting a non-macbook compute is how hard it is to find equivalent screens. I don’t know why, but most of the non-apple industry seems to keep thinking that screens that came out 10 years ago are still totally fine 😞


The AMD ThinkPads have been lovely lately but very supply constrained. Framework is what most Linux people seem to be leaning towards but doesn't seem particularly exciting to me. New MacBooks seem bonkers, although you may suffer various Apple Silicon issues (dunno where we are on ARM JDKs these days?)

Asko Nōmm14:10:23

I got an M1 Pro ~3 months ago and haven’t had JVM issues, neither with Graal nor Azul.

Asko Nōmm14:10:47

I think most of the kinks have been ironed out at this point.

Ben Sless14:10:48

@U01DUT900TZ I worked in Apple and at some point we switched to other screens. Make of that what you will. You just need a good monitor

Asko Nōmm14:10:11

But I use a laptop, I’m not gonna carry a monitor around with me all the time 😄

Ben Sless14:10:09

Oh, that was silly of me

Ben Sless14:10:25

But I hear that new macbook screens crack a lot

Asko Nōmm14:10:48

Macbooks have near 3k screens with 227 PPI, crazy-good brightness and so on, and non-apple laptops usually come out with screens that first saw the light of day 10 years ago, is what I mean.

Ben Sless14:10:41

If 1366x768 was good for our ancestors, it's good enough for us 🙂

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Asko Nōmm14:10:22

Sorry Ben but that just simply wont do.

Asko Nōmm14:10:36

It’s like going from a smartphone to a black and white one

Asko Nōmm14:10:33

If I’m buying a new computer, I’m looking to upgrade - not downgrade.

Ben Sless14:10:46

I know, I was just kidding. Checked in the meanwhile if system76 offer laptops with resolutions higher than 1K, no such luck

Asko Nōmm14:10:55

Framework laptop gets close tho’


new MBP 14" looks stunning, but $$$$


Have the M1 for some months, and battery and noise level are amazing. Speed is also good. Keep in mind that not everything will run on Docker anymore, as it’s an ARM


i think i've heard that the screens on the new 14" mbp are not the same quality as those on the 16" new mbp. 1000 nits (up to 1600!) on the 16"


I just ordered a new (M1 Pro) Macbook. Will report back if anyone is interested (when I finally get it - it’s coming a like the end of next month :-/). I have a few colleagues who have an M1 Macbook from earlier this year. They say mainly positive things about them (sounds like they are fast and have great battery life and the fan isn’t as annoying as Intel models) but all report being highly annoyed that it can only drive one monitor. Which is why I waited to order mine until the new models came out. Also we use Docker quite a bit and apparently it’s been annoying to get various Docker things to work so I’m not looking forward to that.


I've had my 13" MBP since January and absolutely love it — I would never go back to an Intel Mac, because performance is so good, and battery life is insane. Only drawback is what many mentioned: using docker images based on Intel is almost unusable for anything for anything that requires network. Thankfully I was able to use docker pandoc and latex images, but I couldn't even run the simplest reitit/composure app to run w/o timing out in 2-5m. (A big problem if you're trying to do local testing of image before uploading to Google Cloud Run.) But I've chosen to "cope" w/non-local testing — too much of a pain to find and use Intel Mac. High recommend M1 Macs!

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> In summary, running Intel-based containers on Arm-based machines should be regarded as “best effort” only.


It might crash, and even if the virtualization works, it’s really slow due to emulation. I have two AMD64 images I need for a clients project (Oracle DB, yay!) and I pulled up a server in the cloud that I now use as a remote Docker host for that. It’s not pretty, but more and more images will support ARM


Docket on Mac is already a VM.

Bryce Tichit07:10:05

Do you know if Docker will ever be fully available as a native ARM app?

Bryce Tichit07:10:35

Mac M1 seems good, for sure there are limitations. I will take a decision by the end of the year


I’m pretty sure Docker is an ARM app — the problem is that it needs to run ARM images, otherwise images are run under qemu emulation, which it does somewhat poorly.

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😂😂 Just one more thing to go wrong. I was pretty blown away by what http://Honeycomb.Io folks had to go thru to migrate to Graviton ARM — this tweet describes how they had problems due to JVM and hypervisor issues, requiring working with the Graviton AWS engineering teams. I think earlier in my career, I would have relished these problems. Now, I find them to be exactly what I never want to be working on! 😂😂😂