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How can I debug Calva itself in VSCode? I can't seem to find any instructions about that


What isn't explicitly mentioned there is that you then need to start the debugger/profiler on the vscode instance against the calva code base, not the vscode instance that launches with the F5


And that I guess the chrome/electron developer tools via the help menu isn't the place to go, but the vscode's own debugger tools


(some wrong paths I took personally yesterday)


Please update the page with those insights. Though I find the dev tools plenty useful, so instead of advicing not to use them, we should focus on what to use the vs code debugger for, I think.


Oh, I thought the chrome devtools are not targetting the right code. For example when I profiled the stuck calva that way, I just saw idle


I think I simply don't understand vs code, and especially developing vs code extensions under vs code to make very good contributions. Would probably write stuff that just isn't completely, if even half, right


I've only used vscode for developing clj(s), and thus I never use the usual tools. Just everything in the repl…


You're the only one who has used the profiler though. 😎


You’re still very welcome to add something about profiling, @U8ZQ1J1RR.


Well, if I knew that the profile had anything to do with it… Perhaps better to see where the bug is, and if the profile was correct? There was that other extension there, for example, which is unrelated to calva getting stuck


I really do think there's a high chance that the profile I got was completely unrelated, even if calva was using 100% of a core at the moment


I have stared at some profiler reports that the dev tools link to, but they never tell me anything. I think it is because I don’t know how to read them. But I have also noticed that thing with what seems like unrelated functions getting penalty… Strange.


I added a tips section now, with just one tips, about copying the jack-in command line and using that together with connect, instead of re-jack-in.


The sticky terminal sessions are wonderful!


How does Rich Comments surfing ClojureDocs Examples sound to you? Very WIP, but it’s shaping up well, me thinks.


Looks cool, but personally, as a Calva user, I'd prefer to see on a separate window I think, where I can check the examples and etc, even eval some of them and then close the window, but it's just a IMO :)


maybe Calva could have both if users like the rich comment one and the window one


This looks great


Agree with new window. I like to do exploratory stuff in a separate file. But maybe my workflow is dumb. I generally use a scratch file.


If you read the PR description you’ll see that there are two commands added. One prints it to the REPL window and one to a rich comment. I know I will prefer the latter. Printing to a separate window might be better than the REPL window though. We’ve been discussing that


sorry, I just saw the video 😅


With this RFC workflow you can use undo to “close” the “window”.


I'm planning to have an option which displays the examples in the hover with buttons to explore each example in a rich comment or the REPL prompt.


Only RFC so far, but anyway.


Looks amazing!


This is great!