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@onetom I started using my-path= to distinguish paths from regular function defs. I think i picked this up from a Hoplon user who would use the “=” to distinguish derived (reactive) “formula” cells/atoms, from regular input (non-reactive) cells/atoms in the Javelin state management system. Javelin is a lens library, and is useful to encapsulate and name data reading and writing paths. I was also using Specter within Javelin cells. Seemed like a powerful combo to tame any hairy data model for front end use.


thanks, interesting idea! btw, i was also a hoplon user 😉 so how about parametric paths? those would also follow this convention? as we an see on the unparameterized navigators are all-caps and the parameterized ones are just regular lower-kebab-case names, without any special convention.


(def a:b 123)
=> #'user/a:b
=> 123
maybe a colon somewhere could also be used as part of the notation...


ooor %path, like in REBOL! 🙂 and for parametric ones, it could be %path: ;D it would work, but it would also look quite cryptic...