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Jack Byers19:10:02

Hey! I’m planning to use Clojure & ClojureScript this week for a hackathon at work. I work at Oden Technologies, a startup in NY. We’re a Go shop, but I’m very excited to take Clojure for a spin. I’ve been using JetBrains IDE’s for several years now, so I suppose I’ll use IDEA with Cursive and Leiningen. I’d love to hear what you think are the best resources out there for getting up-to-speed on Clojure quickly, so that I can hit the ground running when the hackathon starts. Cheers!

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The 4Clojure problems are well designed for getting you acquainted with key Clojure problems. I’ve created a project where you can run the problems in the Interactive Programming way from your editor:

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Ngoc Khuat12:11:35

Try we also have a group here #practicalli

Ngoc Khuat12:11:30

like the name I found this resource is quite practical, you can find things like how to set up editors to how to write and run tests. But I’d not say these resources are well written, many articles looks like they are half-done. So if you want to go deep and try to solve problems then I’d recommend . the content is organized by giving a problem and then walk you through the solution.

Dilip D22:10:55

Hi all! I am a programmer from bay area, CA. Recently started learning Clojure. Great community!

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