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Having been wowed by and then seeing, I am excited by the prospect of Calva in the browser but without 4clojure or any other preset project. It'd be great to have it come up either with a minimal "hello world" project and a connected REPL, or no project at all but the ability to create and run one like one would with an installation of VSCode/Calva. Is this possible? If I launch and try to add the Calva extension it won't let me. But maybe there is a way to do this, since rich4clojure is possible?


I've added GitPod to several of my OSS projects and they're VS Code in the browser + Calva + Clover + a Socket REPL so it should be possible to do what you want @U06BV1HCH

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My setup starts a REPL but you still have to connect to it once GitPod opens.


Calva will not work in, but in Codespaces and Gitpod it works. I have on my TODO to make a plain Clojure template, which I think will be a bit like what you ask for there @U06BV1HCH. I ran into some troubles last time I fiddled with it, but will pick up the task again soon. For now the closest to “Hello World!” I’ve made is this project:

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Are you still using Calva 2.0.220? That’s old! And it gets in the way for clojure-lsp to help with nbb and babashka scripting. Something that the shiny new v2.0.221 does not. Also nicer looking, and better functioning, documentation, completion and signature hovers: •

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I was still using 216…

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