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Drew Verlee17:10:27

An old fisher was out on his lake when he noticed a young man drowning. He quickly rescued him, and after he was claim asked him what had brought him out to the middle of the lake in such distress. The young man explained that he had been traveling for some time and had become weak with thirst. Thus he had tried to cross the lake to the other side where he had heard their was a village with water. The old man was puzzled and asked him why not drink here, gesturing to the lake. The young man laughed as if he had made a joke. He confidently explained that "Men can only drink water, this is a lake." This is how i feel when someone says clojure lacks types. I'm not really being hounded by nay sayers, i just wanted to write a short story more then anything. 😆

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what a SPECtacular short story


F1 Qualifying about to start if anyone wanted to watch at a reasonable (US) time


Didn't expect that result after fp1


What a finish. But shows how much the car regs need changed. It shouldn't be that hard to follow the car in front.