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Aaaah why did I refresh


Thanks for flagging, I raised this with the admin team. Iā€™m thinking it might be ok because this is #off-topic but not sure :thinking_face:


his account says that he is a bot


or does it say that he works for a company that produces bots?


in that case, sorry @U57THKJ1X šŸ˜‰

Vincent Cantin08:04:36

so .. we are effectively passing a turing test, here.

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Wow they should make a movie about this.


I can find no evidence Standuply is associated with Clojure/Script. They seem to be a Siberian company using Node.js -- so it's spam.


> Siberian company using Node.js šŸ˜… šŸ˜†


I used podman for the first time today. I'm using it for development services (eg postgres) I'm really impressed. It works very nicely. I don't end up with containers running in the background wasting cpu.


My only slight concern is that I don't know where my files are. But I think that's a problem I have from using docker where I ran into that bug.


I've been using podman for a lot of dev time serivces, combined with systemd-user to launch the containers when I login, it has been great, I am super happy to kick dockerd to the curb


a great thing has been how easy it makes moving things to a new vm (I do most developement in vm running on a different machine). because podman keeps stuff in my users local directory, I can just copy my home directory between vms and everything is ready to go.


Interesting. I've struggled to find docs on the details of how it works. Eg how does the daemon mode work?! Something I do miss from docker is the "api" which can be used to start containers. I had a novel idea to start up my containers/pod when I start up the jvm to minimize waste.


I think the API is just shelling out though, so I don't think it's a big loss.


yeah, podman itself doesn't run a daemon that would provide an api, it is just shelling out. so when you run a service using podman there is no central daemon it is going through to run it, there is just that podman process which sets everything up and launches your process (and tears everything down when your process exits)


I've been using user level systemd services to coordinate stuff kind of similar to docker compose, and again it keeps everything in my user home directory

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I'm just running on a terminal now, because ctrl-c is a winner, but I can see me using user level daemon tools too.


Have you used pods at all? I haven't looked yet as I don't need a group of services yet.


No, I haven't looked at pods or anything in the orbit of k8


That takes me to k8s? Yuk, no thanks

Rin Akaia19:04:33

Hi everyone!

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I have a strange little issue. I have created a WebSocket server using Pedestal and Jetty9, literally copied from the WS sample. When deployed to Heroku, I can connect to it from the browser, but when running the server locally, bound to localhost, I am not able to connect to it from browser (Firefox & Chrome). Works outside browser just fine. Is this a knows issue? Not a frontend developer myself, so have very little idea. EDIT: Found the issue. Apparently I need to bind the dev server to instead of Wonder why though.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:04:26

Might depend on ipv4 vs ipv6 sockets, depends on your java version and other stuff


Also if you're using http://localhost make sure /etc/hosts is setup to know about it


The error said ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, so probably the browser was not able to reach the server. Maybe related to WSL2. But it's working now after binding to


Ah, WSL2 may well make sense.