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Paola D.M.12:04:31

hello everyone, I have a question I am looking for a job as first role in tech industry I see that some job ad. are for lead developer, what kind of role is it?


@orchidea.preziosa well, lead developer roles generally look for people with a good deal of experience, so it's not really what you want for a first job


@orchidea.preziosa A first role in the industry would say something like Junior or perhaps Internship (depending on the area). Lead has leadership aspects to it, definitely for experienced folks.

Paola D.M.14:04:06

thank you for your replies, I was just wondering as in my research parameters/alert I use junior ad key word and I receive Lead developer offer, which I don’t apply for 🙂


This might help jump start people looking at Covid 19 data and identify gaps in the data:


I also update (sort-map-value-by) to sort top level order by specified nested value(s) given by :kpathsubset :ksubset and :datafx


(a reminder that there is a #covid-19 channel for any follow-up discussions about the virus and its impacts)


clojurians has the old slack UI for me for some reason. I wonder how they decide to roll it out


I expect they roll it out to paying customers first.


nah, it's per-user/per-slack and seems to be happening on some rolling basis


(we have had the new UI at work for several days)


about half of my slacks have switched


Oh? So some Clojurians will see the new UI but some won't? Interesting. And encouraging.


of the dozen slacks I'm in (I think only one paid), it's about half on new, and some of the free happened first

Lennart Buit20:04:30

I think I saw a deployment story of slack at some point. They have tooling to roll out new features to x% of their customers

Lennart Buit20:04:57

I can obviously not find it anymore, but they were sharding on customer-id, and had a redundant pair of master databases per group of customers because they valued write availability over consistency.


I didn't get the new ui for work until I restarted slack just now


i tried cmd-R and it refreshed. its just a webbrowser after all