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Felipe Cortez00:04:03

@braden.shepherdson if you prefer midje's syntax, might be worth to look into. and like plexus said, for more complex assertions like contains :gaps-ok, works wonders

David Pham10:04:55

In kaocha with watch mode, is it only possible to run only run the test associated with the change of a file? For example if I create test files that mimic my codebase structure (with test instead of src as root!)


there is a Pitch for this and some work has happened,


This is one of the things we would like to invest in assuming we can get more backers on OpenCollective


as always I'm also happy to mentor anyone who would like to contribute this, like I said there's a WIP branch but it needs polishing up, making sure it works with clojurescript, etc.


this could also be a potential project for Rails Girls Summer of Code, assuming we get a team

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