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eccentric J01:04:29

Anyone recently re-watch Doctor Strange? It's supposed to be a movie about a western take on eastern philosophy wrapped in a superhero action-adventure movie. I feel like they unintentionally made a superhero action-adventure movie about coding with a faux-mystical veil. Books of knowledge -> SCIP, Forbidden Knowledge -> Hacking, Sanctums protecting the world -> Security. Time amulet -> git. There's even dialogue about flexibility vs rigidity in approaches to problems. The climax is explicitly about loops!

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Lovely Covid-19 effect :D no offense :)))


It did remind me a bit of The Matrix...


(We're just starting in watching Venom, while we're on the topic of Marvel)

eccentric J01:04:25

It is pretty similar to the Matrix, both very closely follow Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey structure How is Venom? Decided to use the quarantine to catch up the Marvel movies I've missed. At the very least they've been a bit uplifting given the current events.


They all do, don’t they? Ever since someone circulated condensed version of it around Hollywood in the ’60s. Campbell’s lectures are on Spotify btw!


Too early call on Venom. Totally get the Campbell thing...

eccentric J02:04:54

I wanted to be inclusive and link to something to support my claim 😄


My hat tip off to story writers who find interesting ways to write stories that do not follow such patterns! Not saying I dislike the pattern, and that many many variations within it are possible, but story writers should stretch/break that whenever they can tell a good story without it.


A great series of movies to watch during quarantine, is all the Kurosawa movies and follow each one with the more recent movie it inspired.


Including Hidden Fortress and then Star Wars (ep IV, A New Hope).

eccentric J02:04:14

That's tough to do right @andy.fingerhut. Any movies come to mind that do that?


I was blown away when first watching The Seven Samurai. It does such an amazing job of creating characters with way more depth than the typical modern movie does.

eccentric J02:04:16

Oooh I wanted to watch that one. From what I understand it's a direct inspiration behind A Bug's Life.


And that reminds me I should eventually watch all of Kurosawa's movies at least once each. Same with some musicians who I haven't yet listened to all of their works.


My wife is a huge Kurosawa fan. I hadn't watched any of his movies before I met her... now we've watched all of them I think.


(other things we've binge-watched recently in quarantine: Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, Unorthodox...)

eccentric J02:04:43

Recently binged the Mandalorian after hearing so much about it. Was very pleasantly surprised!


Oh yeah, we binge-watched that a while back.

eccentric J02:04:15

Supposedly that draws inspiration from the Wolf and Cub manga\show.


Netflix has a Korean drama called "Mr. Sunshine" that I recommend. Quite different than any Marvel movie, for sure.

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I don't know of any movies or TV shows that do these stories justice to the books, but if you like reading, Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables" (I can recommend an English translation -- they aren't all the same, for sure), and Dumas "The Count of Monte Christo". Unabridged far better than abridged, if you have the time. Abridgements I have heard of (but not read) cut out some of the characterization, without which the stories don't make much sense.


Something else to binge-watch: The Protector (Turkish, on Netflix)


The Protector is a TV series. Three seasons so far.


The Protector is a TV series. There are movie versions of the books I mentioned, but I can't personally recommend any that I know of.


I have seen one or two movie adaptations of those books that I would vehemently anti-recommend.


The movie version of count of monte Christi is essentially another story. The abridged version I’ve read dropped waaay too many things. Unabridged is definitely the way to go


I know those are long books (~1000 pages each in the English translations I read and enjoyed). If you think of them like a mini-series instead of a quick movie, though, one can read such a story and be wishing there was more 🙂


And talk of the Count of Monte Christo reminds me of the excellent movie "The Shawshank Redemption". I am reminded of it not because one is a version of the other, only because the main character in the movie mentions the book.


(careful about spoilers if someone hasn't seen the movie!)


TV series recommendation for sci-fi type of theme: A Doll's House, created by Joss Whedon (and Firefly of course, if you somehow missed that)


Anybody feel bad for CircleCI now that there are GitHub Actions? CircleCI is using Clojure, so I feel like should we make a point to use CircleCI ? But GitHub Actions are so convenient 😛


@didibus I had memory problems for babashka on CircleCI (4GB) and therefore also ported the CI config to Github actions: they offer 2GB more memory (6GB). But now CircleCI was kind enough to offer a free upgrade to 8GB for the foreseeable future. I still prefer their UI and features (ssh access for example), so I'm going to keep using that.


is anyone else getting security vulnerability notifications from github supposedly for files that have been removed?


to clarify, i got notifications for things i addressed before -- the message says something like vulnerability found in <path>, where <path> is a link which if clicked gives a 404


hah, this time around, there is an option to report that the notifications are inaccurate 🙂


I would be very cautious, is the report actually from github? I don't think they do that kind of thing, but I know people write bots to do it, and it seems like a good way to Phish developers


i don't get anything by email - this is directly via the github web ui.


i edited the following a bit, but here is roughly what it looks like


afaiu, one should not be getting such things from non-github sources in one's github web ui. if you know differently, please let me know.

eccentric J21:04:44

Do you try to practice Clojure? If so, what kinds of practice do you incorporate?


@jayzawrotny I wouldn't really call it "practice" (best practice is just building something imho). But there was a talk about improving Clojure skills, can't remember the name. One of the tips was to read the core api. You'll find functions you had no idea existed, but could be extremely useful.

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I personally found that a great tip


@jayzawrotny I guess my practice is mostly using Clojure all day, every day at work 🙂 Seriously tho', I find a lot of useful practice in helping others here on Slack when they post a question about something I haven't used (a technique, feature, or library) and then I try it out in a REPL, partly to see if I can help, but also partly to learn about that new thing.

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I experienced this back in 2009 when I decided I would go to college and I hadn't money to pay for private school or private-prep-school and back at that time I looked for a community in Orkut that could help me learn high-school general subjects like math, physics and etc. I liked so much of the forum structure and all the people commenting on the questions with solutions, pictures, and videos trying to ease the understanding of the concepts that I spent most of the year online and became a moderator there. I got accepted at the best college in latin america (USP) by doing so and coming from public schools. Since them I value a lot this kind of communities.

eccentric J21:04:41

I've been curious about building something vs mileage. Is it better to work on one big project or a bunch of smaller, varied projects? After a career of entirely building webapps, it feels like there's only so much to gain from configuring another routing library. Today I'm deliberately trying to implement my own version of kitchen-async's cljs promise let and try macros. It's not a huge project, but it's been pretty challenging seeing as I'm on day 3 of this endeavor.

eccentric J21:04:40

Then I plan on using those to write an automated solver for using lumo + puppeteer.


I think there's a lot of value to be had from both: with a bigger, longer-lived project (especially one that has many users) you get exposed to a lot of issues that you don't find in smaller, short-lived projects (especially ones that have a user base of one). But you will also only see a specific subset of Clojure in each project, so you need a variety of projects.

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eccentric J21:04:40

I was inspired by to try more, smaller projects to see if that helps. So far I've learned a lot about cljs, cljs macros, and promise interop. Although after this I should probably pick back up on that editor agnostic introduction to clojure dev guide we brainstormed here 6 months ago.

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I love this video, so inspiring 🙂 Sycra is such a good teacher