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@martinklepsch Hello Martin, I heard about Clojurist Together initiative here and there, and I found it really adapted to the cljdoc project. I also saw that this project has already be funded in Q3 2018. There is currently the survey for the Q2 2020 and I was wondering, do you apply for this one? I'm developing a ClojureScript library and web app and the fact is that because of the use of npm library in my :require instruction, the analysis of cljdoc failed (already reported). This issue concerns every project which use a npm library as dependency and I think is broad enough to submit it to the Clojurist Together funding process. I would be glad to contribute full time on this kind of project. What's your opinion?

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I won’t apply for this round of funding. I’d be happy to support you working on cljdoc though. What other things do you think would be interesting for you to work on?


You can also reach me via Telegram (same handle)


Thank you for the answer. I'm trying to reach you on Telegram but I have an error message :


I'm not really familiar with Telegram, so if you can contact me with @fabienrozar on telegram, it would be great 🙂

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