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I'm having some trouble with re-frame-test. I'm running my tests using cljs.test/run-tests in a separate test runner namespace.

;; Works as expected
(deftest foo
  (is (= 1 2)))

;; This assertion doesn't show up in the test report at all
(deftest wat
    (is (= 2 3))))


Any clue what I could be missing?


Ignore the above! The issue was specific to our test runner page.


I have an application with a data table, and I’ve been using which is not that great (in both looks, and seems like it isn’t maintained). Would like to substitute in some more polished table component. Does anyone have any recommendations (or better yet, examples) of table components that work well with re-frame?


@U0DJHC856 I would be surprised if there are comparable alternatives to datatable out there. You probably need to look into React alternatives that can be integrated with interop, that’s usually a decent alternative. We’re using datatable with great success. We’re able to style it to our needs as well. It depends on the fit to your needs I guess. It’s not maintained, and probably never will be, but with current feature set it will keep working for a long time.