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Vincent Cantin02:01:19

Hi, I have a general front end question for a Clojure project of mine. In any framework (VueJS, React, etc …), which are the situations where the user of the framework/library have to pass a dynamic set of properties to a child component?


Where they are not modifying them and passing them directly to a child

Vincent Cantin07:01:52

Got it, the pass through situation. Specifically, would there be situations where the user has to add one or many properties via assoc or merge where using a map literal with all the needed properties would not be enough?


Yeah, I do that in a few places

Vincent Cantin12:01:20

in which situations is it required? (I am asking because I am developing a declarative way to do front end and need to make sure that I cover all use cases)


Anyone had to deal with merging .po files together after being edited by multiple translators in different programs? I feel like this has to be a common and solved problem, but I can’t seem to find any tooling to handle this in a sane fashion.


When your app has workspaces like slack, whats the tradeoff between these, creating new db for each workspace vs having a workspace table and joining id on every lookup so that you dont access wrong data? Obvious ones are new db approach might duplicate user info (same user diff workspaces)


Maybe storage cant compress that well but other than that not being have to join on seems worth it?


It is going to effect your ability cut across workspaces, and to talk about workspaces in your query language


Which you may or may not need


You may also be surprised at how often you don't need the join on the workspace table


Like, a lot of times you just need the id which is already there


For privacy/legal/compliance POV, having separate orgs into separate DBs is nice.