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Matthew Pettis02:01:05

I'm having some trouble with understanding the mk-session function documentation ( In particular, it references rule sources. Are those namespaces that the rules live in (if they aren't in the current namespace)? I'm wondering what the alternative ways there are to giving rules to a session if you don't use defrule in the current namespace. Can you construct a vector of rules (that don't have names) that you'd get from defrule and feed it to a session?


@matthew.pettis you can pass a collection of rules and queries

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So a vector yes


If you pass an ns name it’ll be automatically expanded to a collection of all rules sources within it


Rule sources are defined by a protocol


There are a few more built in impls but those are the main 2


And “rule” is a bit overloaded here unfortunately since it includes queries. Clara typically calls them “productions” when referring generally to both.